A4 LED light box tracker portable three color mode light pad

A4 LED light box tracker portable three color mode light pad

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The led tracing board is ideal for sewing projects, Sketching & Drawing, Stenciling, 2D Animation, Calligraphy, Embossing, Tattoo Transferring, Stained Glass, Quilting etc.

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Rechargeable Light Board for Tracing--Golspark cordless tracing light box is portable and battery powered. With the built-in lithium battery of 2000mAh, the copy board could be taken everywhere without connecting to power plug. Working freely up to 5 hours continuously at its max brightness by charging for only 2 hours. Could be powered up by wall charger, power bank, computer, car charger and so on.

Light-Weight and Sleek in DesignNo more than half an inch in width and 2lb in weight brings you an unprecedented light and thin experience. Frame design in inch and centimeter is convenient for your size reference to enables better tattoo tracking performance. Visual Work Area: 13” x 9.2” / 330mm*235mm.

Super Bright and Adjustable BrightnessThis light table has an acrylic surface with high light transmission performance and a maximum color temperature of 8900K, ensuring sufficient and uniform brightness, you can put more and thicker papers on it. Long pressing to adjust the brightness makes you cope with different environments easily, and just enjoy your work.

USB Power SupplyEmbedded design of a universal USB port is stable and allows you to enjoy the fun of creating anytime and anywhere. The memory function always remembers your brightness settings last used, make professional Tattoo tracing more convenient.

Eye Protection DesignThe energy saving LED creates a flicker-free even light that is gentle on your eyes, doesn't cause visual fatigue even under long-term use, protects your child's eyes, makes a comfortable creating workspace.

Wide Application:The LED light pad is designed for everyone whether you are an enthusiastic amateur or a professional artist, perfect for sketching, drawing, calligraphy, tattoo tracing, embossing, plane painting, animation making, jewelry design, even for medical use like X-ray etc.

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