LED Art Craft Tracing Light Pad Drawing Pad LED Light Box

LED Art Craft Tracing Light Pad Drawing Pad LED Light Box

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LARGE SIZE DRAWING BOARD: This is a large size of LED tracing light box which can fully cover the range of A3-type paper. The ray of light uniformly illuminates the surface of drawing board and thus, giving you a clearer and better visual experience for drawing.

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MODERN AND EFFICIENTThis ultra-thin light pad is only 5mm, very lightweight and super portable for your on the go crafting lifestyle!

CONVENIENT & EFFICIENTA2 light pad are much bigger than A3 size. And we offer you greater freedom to paint when and wherever you want thanks to our 2 meter USB cable BIGGER than any other kit!

3-LEVEL ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESSIt is amazing enough to shine through a few layers of paper and highlight the differentiation in your drawings without straining your eyes. Evenly backlit by LEDs without shadow nor glare. One quick tap turns it on and off and set 3-level brightness to suit your project in different environments, like your home, school, or art studio.

WIDE APPLICATIONIdeal for diamond painting,stenciling, 2D animation, calligraphy, embossing, scrapbooking, tattoo transferring, sketching, sewing and more. A perfect tool for anyone who needs to do tracing work, or for your kid if you want to develop his talent of drawing. It is also a great gift for your artist friend.

USB POWERED It can be conveniently plugged into your computer, laptop,power bank, USB adapter, car charger for power and a 4.9 feet (1.5 m) long USB cable is included. So you don't need an extension. What a convenience!!

NO RISK PURCHASEPlus the light pad comes with 1 x 1.5M Cable. Kindly note that this light pad has black dots pattern on the lighting area. May not be good for negative photography viewing.

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