LED Photo Studio 60*60 cm Photography soft box Studio Light Box

LED Photo Studio 60*60 cm Photography soft box Studio Light Box

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It can be easily set up and carried without any tools, and can be used anytime, anywhere,This is your ideal medium-sized mobile photography studio.

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The bright LED light beads are evenly distributed, and the professional reflective fabric of the shed body evenly diffuses the light to each corner of the shed body. The light brightness is strong and uniform, and the product shooting has no dark angle, so as to truly realize light free, fast shooting and direct white background photos.

60” LED Light Box with Adjustable Brightness: Featuring 126 LEDs, a CRI of 96+, 5600K color temperature, the 60” × 60” × 60” / 50 × 50 × 50cm light box provides bright white light to showcase your products. The brightness adjustment knob on the power adapter allows you to conveniently adjust light brightness.

Portable Shooting Tent The inside of the photography shooting tent is composed of reflective fabric. The light lines emitted by the light beads are more evenly distributed in each corner of the photo studio under the effect of the reflective inner wall so that the shed is brighter and the light is more uniform. 6 backdrops (black, white, gray, orange) set different studio scene, saving you the trouble of PS.

Multiple Shooting Angles The open front panel has 2 opening ways for horizontal shooting with minimized outside reflections. There is also a top opening for bird’s eye view photos.

Foldable & Portable Design Easily set up the light box with the hook-and-loop fasteners. The foldable design lets you fold it down and carry it wherever you go.

Package Contents Neewer 60” × 60” × 60” Photo Light Box, Diffusion Cloth, Six Backdrops, User Manual.

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