Light Box for Tracing – Ultra Thin Portable LED Light Pad

Light Box for Tracing – Ultra Thin Portable LED Light Pad

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Even though the light pad is thin and light, it adopts solid materials and technology to make its base strong enough without deformation. A flexible fixing clip secures the paper on the surface of the light box to prevent it from moving.

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Brightness is reached 770cd/㎡, super bright LED lamps provides a perfectly even illuminated surface, brighter than A3 size light box in the field.

Supply by USB cable which mean easy to access to any USB port like computer, USB adapter or even power bank. Comes with a type C cable that make it come true to use the tracing light board wherever you go. Trying to find an annoying power source to insert the usb plug has finally become the past.

Thickness 0.3inch; Weight 3.63 lb. With a Fixed folder for XINZHAO Tracing Light Table LED Light Box. The dimension is 20.4 X 12.7 inche. The Color Temperature is cold white 8900K. Long Life Span: Generate little heat after long hours working and it can be continuous used about 50,000 hours. 1 Year Warranty.

Larger drawing area, 17 by 10.7 Inches working surface; the measurement scale is placed outside for large drawing area. Gains very little heat when using, suitable for long hour working.

Adjustable Brightness: Comes with a Physics switch to control the brightness. Keep pressing the switch to adjust the brightness from dim to bright.

Diversified Applications:Ideal for 2D animation, Stenciling, Calligraph, Embossing, Tattoo Transferring, Sketching, Drawing, Sewing Projects, Stained Glass, Quilting, X-Ray Viewing and so on.

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