led photography tent With 6 Colors Backdrops Folding Portable Camera Shoot Photo studio box

led photography tent With 6 Colors Backdrops Folding Portable Camera Shoot Photo studio box

Short Description:

Overall size: 40 * 40cm

Unfolding size: 40 * 40 * 40cm

Material: waterproof cloth

Light source: LED

Dimming button: external slider

Voltage: 5V

Power: 12.5W

Current: 2.5A

two row lamp beads: 162+120

Color temperature: 5700k

Product Detail

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The bright LED light beads are evenly distributed, and the professional reflective fabric of the shed body evenly diffuses the light to each corner of the shed body. The light brightness is strong and uniform, and the product shooting has no dark angle, so as to truly realize light free, fast shooting and direct white background photos.

SHOOTING TENT The photography shooting tent is composed of reflective fabric. The light lines emitted by the light beads are more evenly distributed in each corner of the photo studio under the effect of the reflective inner wall, so that the shed is brighter and the light is more uniform.

ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS The photo light box has 144 pcs LED Lights,2800-5600K color temperature, 3380 LM lumens,0-100% brightness Changement. It is flicker-free and can ensure soft and continuous light uniformity and leave no shadows or object reflections. It also has good color rendering performance, and provide a professional high-quality shooting environment.

SAFETY POWER ADAPTER Dimmer rotary knob adjusts brightness easily without extra set up. Aluminum shell light plate has good heat dissipation and high life expectancy. Attached diffuser cloth and 6 PVC backgrounds( black,white, orange, green, red, blue) are easy and convenient to set scenes and save on post processing.

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