Black Ultra-Thin Adjustable USB Power Artcraft LED Trace Light Pad

Black Ultra-Thin Adjustable USB Power Artcraft LED Trace Light Pad

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his is a large size of LED tracing light box which can fully cover the range of A3-type paper. The ray of light uniformly illuminates the surface of drawing board and thus, giving you a clearer and better visual experience for drawing.

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Large Size, Large Bright AreaThe A3 light pad L:18.5in × W: 14.5in,The bright area size is L:16.9in × W:13in.

With Sturdy frame & back anti-slip design There is a solid frame around the light board, which is not easy to be damaged by bumps, and is very durable.The non-slip pad on the back will ensure that the light pad will not slip during use.

Super bright & excellent display effectThe light pad maximum brightness can reach 2890 Lux, can easily write through 600g thickness of paper, while using advanced light guide plate to light up WITHOUT ANY DOTS or SHADOW, with excellent light uniformity.

Stepless DimmableMinimalist design, turning on/off and brightness adjustment through only-one sensor switch. Press once sensor switch to turn on/off. Hold your finger on the light switch button to gradually brighten/dark,the light board has COUNTLESS BRIGHTNESS LEVELS, not just only 3. you can get any brightness level you want.The led light drawing pad designed with sensitive touch control to adjust different brightness easily, eye-protection without shadow or glare, providing comfortable lighting environment for animators, designers, art enthusiasts, children and readers.

2 SIDES MEASURABLE RULERS Our animation light pad designed with 2 sides rulers to help you measure precisely, especially when you are in designing, building industrial design.

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